BL-Global Flexible EUR BI
BL-Global Flexible EUR BI
BL-Global Flexible EUR BI
BL-Global Flexible EUR BI
Naam Datum Koers YTD
BL-Global Flexible EUR BIPrivate Insurer / Tak-2303/121.127,88eur+443,6%
Quantitative Trend FollowingPatronale / Tak-2306/12836,51eur+84,0%
Patronale Quantitative Lustrum DoublePatronale / Tak-2318/11836,51eur+50,6%
East Capital Russian fundBaloise Lux / Tak-2306/12115,72eur+34,7%
Allianz Best Styles US EquityAllianz Global / Tak-2306/12326,51eur+34,4%
Pictet-Water P EURBaloise Lux / Tak-2306/12512,00eur+34,2%
Ergo Life JPM Highbridge US STEEPERGO Life / Tak-2301/1222,93eur+33,9%
Skagen Global ABaloise Lux / Tak-2303/123.145,67nok+33,9%
ING Life Premium Indian EquityING Life / Tak-2301/12219,80eur+33,5%
BI Templeton Asian Smaller Co ABelfius / Tak-2301/12516,09eur+32,1%
AG Life Equity World AquaAG Insurance / Tak-2306/12287,52eur+31,9%
BI Robeco US Large Equities DBelfius / Tak-2301/12555,74eur+31,8%
NN Blackrock iShares Core S&P 500NN Life / Tak-2302/12390,62eur+31,5%
NN Global Sustainable EquityNN Life / Tak-2302/12611,24eur+30,9%
NN Nordea global real estate fundNN Life / Tak-2302/12203,06eur+30,9%
Threadneedle Global Focus IEPrivate Insurer / Tak-2303/1222,58eur+30,3%
Allianz Worldwide FundAllianz / Tak-2303/1230,81eur+30,3%
DNCA Invest Norden Europe ABaloise Lux / Tak-2303/12250,82eur+30,0%
Nordea 1 Global Climate and Envir. BPBaloise Lux / Tak-2306/1232,36eur+29,8%
Belfius Life Equities USA IndexBelfius / Tak-2303/1282,78eur+29,6%
Fidea BGF World Real Estate SecuritiesFidea / Tak-2303/1233,81eur+29,6%
PL Nordea Global Climate and Evironment FundPatronale / Tak-2306/121.923,65eur+29,5%
Allianz EB Global Equities ESGAllianz / Tak-2302/12173,36eur+29,5%
PL MercLin Global EquityPatronale / Tak-2306/121.439,94eur+29,0%
Piazza AXA Rosenberg US EquitiesAXA Life / Tak-2302/1228,24eur+28,9%
Athora N1 Climate & EnvironmentAthora / Tak-2306/1243,15eur+28,9%
Allianz Nordea 1 Global Climate and EnvironmentAllianz / Tak-2302/122.129,88eur+28,7%
Allianz GI Global SustainabilityAllianz / Tak-2302/121.785,85eur+28,7%
Allianz GI LifeCycle Global EquitiesAllianz / Tak-2302/121.352,94eur+28,6%
Allianz Best Styles Global EquityAllianz Global / Tak-2306/12201,30eur+28,5%
NN Nordea Global Climate and EnvironmentNN Life / Tak-2302/1231,55eur+28,2%
Fidelity Global Technology Fund A DistBaloise Lux / Tak-2306/1250,63eur+28,1%
Fidea RAM European Equities FundFidea / Tak-2302/1230,81eur+26,7%
Piazza AXA Rosenberg Global EquitiesAXA Life / Tak-2302/1222,45eur+26,6%
Ergo Life Fidelity AmericaERGO Life / Tak-2301/1215,16eur+26,6%
Fidea BGF New Energy FundFidea / Tak-2303/1249,13eur+26,6%
AG Life Climate ChangeAG Insurance / Tak-2306/12103,43eur+26,5%
iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF USDBaloise Lux / Tak-2303/1275,47eur+26,5%
DPAM B Equities Europe Small Caps Sust BOneLife / Tak-2303/12319,63eur+26,3%
Allianz Europe Equity Growth Select I EURAllianz Global / Tak-2306/122.568,26eur+26,2%
JPM Europe Dynamic Technologies A AccBaloise Lux / Tak-2306/1283,00eur+26,2%
Carmignac Emerg. Discovery AOneLife / Tak-2303/121.930,98eur+25,9%
NN Fidelity America FundNN Life / Tak-2302/1230,97eur+25,8%
Allianz Excellence Europe Equity GrowthAllianz / Tak-2302/1258,14eur+25,8%
Fidea Pictet Global Environm. OpportunitiesFidea / Tak-2303/1245,81eur+25,6%
MercLin SICAV Global Equity CBaloise Lux / Tak-2303/12948,20eur+25,6%
Aphilion Q² SICAV Equities B CapBaloise Lux / Tak-2303/12154,93eur+25,5%
Piazza BlackRock Emerging EuropeAXA Life / Tak-2302/12121,65eur+25,2%
NN Blackrock iShares Core MSCI WorldNN Life / Tak-2302/1271,21eur+25,1%
Argenta Life Technologie AandelenArgenta / Tak-2330/11307,67eur+24,8%


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